Sistem Informasi Customer Relationship Manajemen (CRM) Berbasis Web Pada PT. Patria Cabang Mendalo


  • Armelia Eka Fitriany Universitas Dinamika Bangsa
  • Herry Mulyono Universitas Dinamika Bangsa


Kata Kunci:

Customer Relationship Management, PT. Patria Cabang Mendalo, Prototype


PT. Patria Mendalo Branch is one of the official Honda motorcycle dealers that sells Honda motorcycles
and official Honda spare parts. Where in the current system there are several problems in obtaining new
customers, improving customer relationships, and retaining customers. Based on the existing problems
PT. Patria Mendalo Branch requires a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that
can help PT. Patria Mendalo Branch and Customer in establishing good relations. The purpose of this
research is to analyze the service relationship between the company and its customers and to design a
prototype of a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to create a better
relationship between the company and its customers through the features on the website. The author
performs object-oriented design includes use case diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams, display
designs, database structure tables. The result of this research is a prototype of a web-based CRM system
that can help solve the problems that exist in PT. Patria Mendalo Branch.


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Cara Mengutip

Eka Fitriany, A., & Mulyono, H. (2023). Sistem Informasi Customer Relationship Manajemen (CRM) Berbasis Web Pada PT. Patria Cabang Mendalo. Jurnal Manajemen Sistem Informasi, 8(1), 67–77.